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  October 6, 2006
MCI was awarded for excellent performance in the 3 rd Business Excellence Award
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  METRO CONVERGENCE, INC. (MCI) is a corporation duly organized and existing under Philippine laws, and is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under Registration No. A200018485.

MCI’s corporate office is located at Unit 2207, Antel Global Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

MCI is the forerunner of the defunct METROSERV COMMUNICATIONS, INC., (METROSERV). This Company was established in 1997 and was primarily engaged in the construction of outside plants and installation services.

To make METROSERV more responsive to its growing market, one of the steps taken was to change its corporate name to METRO CONVERGENCE, INC., (MCI) a name that more aptly describes the diverse products and services that it now carries. Hand in hand with this change in corporate name, MCI has acquired the distributorship of telecom products from some of the world's leading suppliers of telecom equipment.

MCI can package large scale, full turnkey projects through our own in-house financing and the support of our supplier network.

We have our own fabrication and testing facilities of fiber optic patch cords, jumper cables, and pigtails. We supply other telecom accessories such as u-links, baluns, couplers, connectors, coax cables, DDF racks, DDF blocks, ODF trays, closed bay rack, .

attenuators, twisted pair cables, etc. These products are coming from highly reliable manufacturers in different parts of the world and are type-approved by clients.

The key personnel and all those that were behind the success of METROSERV have been absorbed by MCI and are now the backbones of its operations.

Past projects done by METROSERVE include supply and installation of patch cords, jumper cables, u-links, bi-directional amplifiers, installation of SDH and DXC equipment, for clients like GLOBE TELECOM, PLDT, ISLACOM, NEXTEL, BAYANTEL, NORTEL, among others.

MCI has assumed all of these from METROSERV and has kept the good traditions of serving well its markets that are reasons enough to keep the trust and confidence of these clients.

The list of those who are happy doing business with us keeps on growing. Clients like NORTEL, FUJITSU, PLDT, NEXTEL, EASTERN TELECOM, TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGIES to name a few, have been added to this list of satisfied clients.

In 2002 MCI, in cooperation with ECI Telecom, successfully installed SDH transmission equipment for Globe Telecom's Phase 8/8.5. In addition, MCI supplied Globe directly with the required jumper cables, connectors, u-links, closed bay racks and other accessories for the project. Apart from all of this, we have provided services for the recovery and re-installation of various equipment from different cellsites.

Today, apart from the usual supply of cables, accessories and optical patch cords, MCI is also undertaking projects for Site Acquisition and Permitting, In-Building Coverage Solutions and Site Development for mobile operators in the country. Furthermore we are in the midst of completing RF planning works in India and about to sign a new contract with a Bangladesh operator for RF planning services.

MCI is an active member of the Integrated Telecommunications Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ITESAP) and The Philippine Electronics and Communications Federations (PETEF). Furthermore, it is also an active member of the Building Industry Consulting Service Philippines (BICSP). It is also a licensed importer of telecom equipment and other allied products.

MCI has business tie-ups with ULTRA GAINS, LTD., (Hong Kong), R & A Telecommunication (Malaysia) and Metrotel Works, India.


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